Transforming: Day 65

No school today so after I got up I went for a run. The air was cool and the humidity low–perfect conditions for running!

Wally West from Kid Flash to Flash

I took off out of the gate. As I hit my first 5 min. marker my GPS told me that I was at a distance of .56 miles and then I had passed my first mile marker before my 10 min. signal came on. I was running under a 9 min. pace and I couldn’t believe it. By 20 minutes I had gone almost 2.5 miles and by the end I had completed 3.5 miles in 30 min. My runkeeper was telling me that I averaged and 8 1/2 minute mile. I’ve never run that fast before in my life!  I think that perhaps my next tattoo should be wings on my ankles or maybe one of the Flash

I have shaved off almost a minute and a half from my normal time; that has to be attributed to my stronger core. I felt strong while I was running encouraged by Runkeeper Rita whispering in my ear my pace and time. Her sweet nothings had be powering through to the end!

I came home today and completed my cardio-abs workout. I completed all of the circuits and then went into the ab workout. Tony Horton would like us to be doing 20 reps of the exercises in the ab routine. I completed 18 of each exercise and by the end of each set my abs were burning (or screaming).




Maybe these could go on my ankles?


Wings of speed



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