Transforming: Day 67

Today is Gary’s last run for the couch to 5k program. This last week he has been running 30 minutes nonstop. Gone are the days of run 3 minutes walk a minute. I’m very proud of his progress.

Run to Live

There was only one week where “glass half empty” Gary was in charge, and that was when I was in Disney and he had to get up on his own to run. But he did run the boardwalk while on vacation to get us to today’s milestone.

On today’s run I took out the earbud so I didn’t hear how much time was remaining in our run. I had mapped out 3.1 miles and we were going to run it regardless if the 30 min sound went off. I wanted him to know that he could do a 5K and today he accomplished that.

This summer has been transforming for both of us. Today we were discussing what our run schedule will be like now that the program is over. I don’t think he’s experienced the joy/pain of running solo yet, but as we get closer to our 5K he probably will.



A question facing both of us now is “what’s next?” I finish P90 the last week of September. In that time I also need to train more for this half marathon coming up in October. The 5K is in October as well. From there he should start the bridge to 10K program and then it’s on to Broad st. Then we’ll be back to summer! Maybe it’ll be time for p90x?

After the run I felt like not exercising. Like I had done my exercise today but then I found myself up on the third floor in downward dog submitting to the tv god Tony Horton.

T-23 days.


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