Transforming: Day 68

Yesterday I was reminded about what a strong partner I have in my wife. Her strength is not just of a physical nature but also mental and spiritual. This strength that she demonstrates is quiet and not showy and is a direct result of her desire to not just survive in this life but also thrive.

Beth is currently training for a half marathon. When she trains, she is religious with holding to a schedule. To the point where sometimes her running schedule becomes a source of stress for her. Yesterday that stress was maximizing because she was to run 10 miles. We haven’t run 10 miles since the Broad st. run and she wondered if she was ready. Where her strength arises is that even if she doesn’t think that she’s ready, she does what she is supposed to do. And so while Gary and I were solving the problems of the world, Beth went off to run her 10 miles.

When she returned she returned she was a bit dehydrated and a lot tired. But after filling her body with Subway and Gatorade, she prepared herself for the arrival of her sister. They had an emotional discussion about their family history which I think was more exhausting then the 10 mile run.

Beth grew up in a less than hospitable environment. The relationship between her parents was a tumultuous one, and she was never sure when things would explode because there was no knowing what would trigger an escalation. Once escalation was over it was like nothing happened and it was back to life “business as usual.”

Beth escaped that life and has worked all of her adult life to work through the damage that was done to her. Her mental strength enabled her to mature as a person so that she could become the loving wife and nuturing mother that she is.

She is an amazing example of someone who has been able to transform herself from a frightened girl into a strong woman. She sets a great example not just for our daughters but also for myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in my life.


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