Transforming: Day 69

During the holiday labor day weekend, I was shopping this weekend for myself and girls for the new school year.

Over the summer I had removed 2/3 of my wardrobe, removing all items of clothing that started with an X and all pants and shorts that were greater than a 34 waist. When all was said and done I had 7 button down shirts left over, two pair of jeans, 3 pair of khaki pants and 4 t-shirts. Needless to say work clothes were needed.

I’ve never been happy to try things on, but now I look forward to seeing what I can fit into. Currently Large shirts fit more than comfortably and my pants are 32’s.  Many of the places where I would buy clothes (gap, old navy) have sizes for pretty much everyone, but it feels great not having to reach to the bottom of the shirt pile or to the bottom of pants to find the correct size.

Today was my last day of exercise for this week; tomorrow I am off from P90.

I was talking with Beth today about getting my running program in gear for the upcoming half marathon and I believe that instead of doing the regular cardio workout, I will run on those days and then come home and do the ab workout.

That’s my plan for the last 3 weeks of the program to bring me to the end of P90 and also get me ready for the half marathon in October.

After the half marathon, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo of the numbers 13.1 celebrating the accomplishment.

Half Marathon


T-21 days


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