Transforming: Day 70

Day 70…..I gotta let that sink in for a bit. 

It’s been 70 days since I’ve started this journey and this week I’ve been feeling a bit weary of it.  Yesterday after getting home from work, I was tired and really didn’t feel like working out.  But I then found myself on the third floor and into my power yoga.  I went through the remainder of my workout, but I was definitely not feeling it.  I was glad not to have a workout today.

Instead of P90, Beth and I met up with our gang at karate and endured a workout that felt great.  I was a sweating, but I had to in order to make up for the half assed workout from the day before.  I then tested for our self defense moves and earned my stripe.  One year away from blackbelt.

Whose with me?

Today I got a book called, “The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer”  It’s a 16 week program that’s designed to get a person ready for running the 26.2 miles that is a marathon.  I’m looking forward to reading through it.  My friend Rob from school is currently using it and will be running the half marathon with Beth and I in October. 

So if all goes well 2012 could be a great year:  Broad st, a marathon run, Blackbelt.  That is of course if the world doesn’t end first!

T-20 days


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