Transforming: Day 72

Today wrapped up my second week of school and once the day was over I had to pick up the girls and head off to karate for their classes. We didn’t get home until after six and then it was dinner time with the family.

After dinner I got ready for my run. The plan was to run for 4 miles tonight. This run is taking place of my cardio for p90 so that I can train for the half marathon coming up.

If you spew--I'll hurl

The humidity was thick in the air tonight and I started out it was like running through pea soup. Into the second mile I realized that maybe running so closely after dinner wasn’t the best idea. At one point I had a though of vomiting as I ran down Maple Ave. and then just wiping off my mouth and keep running. That’s what real runners do.

That crazy nightmare didn’t happen. I simply changed my mind to think about something else. That’s when I noticed how the night was quickly turning dark and the moon was getting high in the sky.

Throughout my life the moon has always been a source of comfort. It was always there no matter how unhappy I felt, or how lonely, how unloveable or how misunderstood. I could always look at the moon and think, no dream, about what it would be like to travel there and explore it. No matter what, the moon was my totem that helped transport me from wherever I was to someplace else.

The moon in many cultures represents the dream state. Our dreams are typically unfettered by reality rules and our dream selves are perfect, dare I say heavenly in form with the ability to do all sort of things.

Tonight, while I was running, the moon was empowering my dream self as I ran. It didn’t feel like my old self running but my new body was truly in charge.

I covered a distance of 4.3 miles in 40 minutes. My pace was just a bit off of 9 min/mile. That’s my best pace for a run of that distance. 

T-18 days


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