Transforming: Days 73-74


Today marks the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The coverage started earlier this week as he new media readied or primed us for the emotional upheaval that was to come.

Ten years later and I can barely sit through a retrospective of the days events. Today, Walter Perez, on action news shared his story of being on the ground when the tower fell. You could hear the fear, no terror, gripping his vocal chords as just the act of speaking about it made him relive the days events. You could hear him choke up with tears as he talked about running away from the towers on live tv and what must his wife and mother be thinking. It took over 30 minutes for him to get ahold of her and tell her he was safe.

The phones were blocked all over. I remember calling Beth at the hospital. It was her first day of an internship. She was safe. Hope was home with my mom–safe. But so many others were not.

I finished teaching that day. I believe the larger life lesson waited for all of those kids when they got home. These kids didn’t grow up with the cold war. They never heard Sting sing about if the Russians loved their children to. If anything they only knew peace or the televised success of the Persian Gulf War. Everyone’s life had changed.

I picked up Hope, she told me that the “cities” fell down. And that Grammy and people on tv were very sad. I don’t think I ever held her so tightly.

As the press went on that day and that week we heard about the courageous men and women who didn’t run away from the smoldering tower and the cloying dust, but rather they ran to it. “Into the Fire”.

All over the country this weekend there were Heroes runs in remembrance of those that were lost to us.

Let's Roll!

Today I ran to honor them and their sacrifice.

I won’t forget that day, but even 10 years later it makes me tear up to remember.


T-16 days


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