Transforming: Day 75

For nearly 3 months now I have been exercising six days a week. Alternating between circuit training and cardio with running and kenpo karate thrown in as well.

I cannot remember a time that I have been this fit or strong. I was reminded of how weak I was during my childhood when my daughter, Hope, came home from field hockey tryouts today completely wiped out.

Hope has never been the most active of souls. Her brain is always going and she’s rarely met a book that she didn’t like but physical activities are not her mileu.

She has done karate now for the last 3 years and this past spring earned her junior blackbelt. It was unbelievable to us that this girl who would rather be attending Hogwarts in her mind was out breaking boards!

At the beginning of this summer my wife decided that it would be good for Hope to begin running to build endurance. So together they were working on the couch to 5K program. Hope seems to be a natural easily outpacing her mother, but she is plagued by her father’s insecurities. Things get to her easily. Aches, pains, sweat, each makes her think way to much and then she begins to worry she won’t do it right.

Thankfully, it’s really hard to screw up running so her perfectionism only rears it’s head when she feels like she should be running faster or be further along in her run. It frightens me how much we think alike!

So today, after my workout, Hope was telling me about tryouts and how tiring it was. She said, “I’m used to running at a nice pace, not this sprinting business!”. Too funny.

I told her how proud I was of her for trying out. She’s never played field hockey beyond intermural play, but she’s in pretty good shape and understands what it means to be preservere, so we’ll see how things turn out.

All I know is that she’s already light years ahead of me. In middle school the husky was in full effect. I tried out for JV sports but I didn’t have the stamina or mental toughness to try no matter what.

On this journey I’ve been learning a lot about myself through introspection and interaction with others. Who knew that my pre teen daughter would have something to teach me as well.

T-15 days.


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