Transforming: Days 76-78

Get comfortable and do as many as you can

Life really got in the way this week as Tuesday I was feeling so badly after work. A low grade fever, coughing and chest congestion kept me from doing my cardio/run workout. I had no motivation beyond the sofa.

Hayfever or Cold?

I was going to count that as my day off and then do my cardio on Wednesday, but when I got home from school, I had to meet Leah at the bus stop and then it was time for homework and making dinner. I couldn’t run and leave Leah at home, and I couldn’t put together an hour for my workout.

After dinner, Beth and I went to karate. We were doing pushups that would then rise up to our sides, placing our arms into the air. After working on some side kicks he had us doing more pushups and then twin kick crunches.

I felt that the workout was easy for me, and I know that six months ago I probably would have half-assed my way through the more difficult parts. There was no need to do that. I was more than capable and Beth and I joked as we got into the car that we barely broke a sweat.

Tonight I made it home from work after a long day. I thought that I’d be stuck at karate with the girls tonight, but after deciding that it wasn’t necessary, I was able to return to working out.

I did my circuit training tonight. 15 reps of all of my weight exercises and 20 reps of my decline, wide and close pushups. When the workout was over I added the ab workout. I did 20 reps of each of the 10 exercises; I felt great. My abs were screaming by the end of the reps but it was worth the effort. Because all of my hard work is truly enabling me to accomplish so much more than I used to.

In two weeks this journey will be coming to an end; in six weeks I will be running in my first half marathon.

Who's With Me?


I look foward to those accomplishments

T-12 days


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