Transforming: Day 79

Today was a great day. I was at Arcadia University today attending a conference for forensic science master’s students. The invitation was extended this year to educators, and I was one of two teachers that were in attendance.

The day was lecture based and geared towards sharing innovations and overviews of techniques used currently and on the cutting edge of forensic science.

It was great being back in the academic environment. Sitting in a large lecture auditorium while someone is presenting from the front or sharing with the class. I haven’t taken so many notes in years; I loved every minute of it!

From toxicology, to fingerprints, to forensic anthropology and testifying in court, I took it all in and got to meet forensic scientists both locally and internationally.

By the end my 41 year old legs were tired of sitting in the old wooden auditorium seats. I needed to stretch my legs and the walk to the bathroom wasn’t cutting it.

So when I got home, I changed into my running gear, took the girls to karate and then went over to Playwicki Farm to run. The farm is one of the hilliest courses that I run. It’s great practice to learn how to properly run up and down the hills as well as building strength.

By the time a half hour had gone by, I had finished 3 laps on the course. Each course is 1.1 miles so I had finished 3.3 in 30 minutes and the hills were fighting me every step of the way.

While I was running I kept thinking about the ways I could take what I learned today and start implementing it into my classroom. So today was good because I was exercising my body and my mind.

On a sad note, Hope found out today that she didn’t make the field hockey team. The coach met with her and told her what to work on for next time; Hope appreciated that. To her credit though she handled it extremely well; today she went to karate and spoke to the sensais about joining their instructor college. She wants to be a leader at class and teach the younger classes. I’m very proud of her.

T-11 days


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