Transforming: Day 80

Next Stop?

Today I was back at Arcadia University for the remainder of their Forensic Science conference. When I arrived this morning, two of my current students had driven down from Perkasie to see what the conference was all about and take a tour of the college which was offered once the conference was concluded. When I walked in I met their eyes right away, like they were probably scanning each adult that walked into room with anticipation of a friendly face. As I said yesterday, the conference is mostly Master’s students and professionals with a few educators thrown in. These two were the only high school students that showed; I was very proud that they were my students.

After a morning of forensic archeology and crime scene investigation, I headed off to karate. I felt great during the class’s workout, and I was able to complete each activity without feeling weak, nor did I hesitate when new tasks came up–I simply did them.

This coming week I really need to buckle down and get training for the half marathon. It is now only 5 weeks away. Running has been catching on amongst our friends at karate. should be giving me a discount on future races for every friend of mine that has started the Couch to 5K program. October may not be a month where Beth and I run our first half marathon but it may also be the month where Gary, Colleen, Ed, Geri and Cathy all run their first 5K’s. We may have to make T-shirts up!

During the afternoon I comlpleted the circuit workout. I maxed out all of my repititions with the 15 lb weights and 85 pushups. During the workout there is a series of squat exercises. Recently I’ve been taking to doing an additional ab workout during that time because my legs are much stronger than my core.

Today sensai was talking about how activity without accomplishment is meaningless.  I believe that I have accomplished so much over not just these last 80 days but in this last year.  I have gone from being inactive to a runner, I am stronger, faster and have greater endurance.  Tomorrow I’m planning a longer run.  I need to start increasing my distance endurance again like I did when we were training for broad st. 

The road to accomplishment continues……


T-10 days!


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