Transforming: Day 81

Yesterday I had mentioned that I needed to begin training for the half marathon coming up at the end of October.

Half Marathon: October 23

By the running program that I haven’t really used I should have run seven or eight miles today. Beth was also supposed to run today, but she was to run 9 miles.

She suggested that we run together. Both runs were to be slow and pace is not her strongsuit. So we set off together. All the while I assumed that I would drop off around 7 miles, however, I was feeling so good during the run that I just kept going.

So two miles later, Beth and I were wrapping up our run! It felt great to know that I could accomplish this! I haven’t been following my running program as actively as Beth has, but p90 has been increasing my strength and endurance, which is why I ran 9.3 today and was on time to finish 10 at a pace faster then when I ran Broad st. in May. And that race I had been training for!

The difference between myself in May and myself now is that I am stronger mentally and physically. In May or before I would have never just gone for a run knowing full well that it could be longer then what I had planned. I would typically have dismantled myself about half or three quarters of the way through. Today’s run, I did none of that. I simply ran.

I’d like to declare that today I left the husky alongside the road. Beth told me she was proud of me today. I told her that I’m not the man I used to be; she agreed.

And that’s a good thing!

T-9 days!!


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