Transforming: Day 83

This week was supposed to be my wrap up for P90, but the world has found its way into my finely planned out schedule. Between back to school night and other evening activities, I had fallen behind on both my P90 and my running.

So today was back on the horse as Beth and I went out to run 13 miles. Our half marathon is about four weeks away and the plan Beth is following said 13 miles today. She was concerned that I haven’t run all week, but I thought that I would be able to complete it.

We started at just a bit after ten in the morning with partly sunny skies and humid temperatures. This would be my first run without any runkeeper tracking or music. Sadly I dropped my ipod last week and it has yet to come back from the shop. I have been runningn without music each of the times that Gary and I were out for his training, so that I could learn to be comfortable with hearing my own breathing and moderating my body on the run.

So we started off chit chatting as we went and before we knew it 9 miles were done. It was between 9 and 10 when my inner doubts were rising to the surface. Typically, I’d have some external motivation through my tunes to keep me going, but today I’d have to rely on my internal motivators. So at the 9.5 mark I told Beth to continue on as I needed to walk a bit. I walked a quarter of a mile before running again.

There was one point today when I thought about phoning it in, but I knew that I was two miles from finishing up so I perservered on. My legs weren’t all that tired, but my arms and shoulders were.

I could see Beth ahead of me, at one point she waited for me to catch up to give me some water and/or gatorade. I told her she didn’t have to wait, but she said, “we’re teammates–we’re in this together.” And so we continued on.

We finally arrived home two and a half hours after we started. Neither one of us felt as bad as we did the day we ran Broad st., but we are both stronger runners than we were in May.

Beth has become quite the runner. Mentally, she is one of the strongest people that I know. She can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She is tenacious; I love her for it.

So what did I learn today? That if the 13.1 was easy, everyone would do it. I am mentally stronger than I once was, and music is not essential for me to have a postive running experience.

Tomorrow begins the last week of P90 for me.

T-7 days


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