Transforming: Day 84

Today was my first day back to P90 after a few days off last week. I came home from work and made my way to the third floor to begin my circuit.

The minute that I began to pick up the weights, they felt good and heavy in my hands. It astounds me that after a few days off how the weight lifting tired my muscles out faster than they had before or how the push ups took more out of me.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be running 3 miles as I continue training for the upcoming half-marathon.

T-6 days

27 days until the half marathon!

After the circuit, I completed the ab ripper workout, but I was not able to complete the 20 reps for each exercise tonight. I was tired.

I know that my body is still recovering from yesterday’s 13 mile run, so I’m not kicking myself too hard about it being difficult tonight. This is a good lesson though, because with only a week left, I will need to set up a maintenance program so I don’t lose what I’ve worked so hard for.


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