Transforming: Days 85-86

This morning, on my day off from school, Beth rolls over and says, “do you want to run with me this morning?”  Now all of the married folks who read this know that this is not really a question that has any answer buy a warm and hearty, “Yes!”

On her training plan, she was set to run six miles today, the first and last mile at a slow pace and the middle four miles at race pace.  Now please bear in mind that it is not even seven o’clock in the morning, when she asks this question.  So I agree, half-heartedly, to go.  She then follows up the question with a declarative statement that we would need to be leaving by 7:30 AM so that she can get back and eat.  Translation–there is no sleeping in or lounging this morning. 

We were on the road by almost 8 AM.  Our first mile we took our time chatting a bit.  When mile two hit most of the talk had ceased.  We were upping our pace on all of our straight aways and typically running side by side. 

Early on she let me set the pace and followed behind, then when we could run in the street together we ran alongside each other, and in the last leg Beth was in the lead.  It was in this last leg, where I had a pinch of worry because Beth has always run faster than me and I easily could have gone into a series of flashbacks from last year where she was always ahead.  Today, however, I was right behind her.  I simply told myself that I could do this and just needed to keep going. 

I was thankful to hit the last mile and slow our pace again until we go to the homestretch when my legs automatically start running faster.  It’s like horses that know their way home–my legs sense that they’re going to get rest soon so they start pumping.  

Around 55 minutes later we were home and stretching out. Another run completed with no music and no tracking.  It’s just me, myself and I alone in my head.  I do miss the tunes because they provide me with something to latch onto when I’m feeling tired or bored. 

T-4 days


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