Transforming: 87-88

Circuit training and a 5K this morning. 

Today I woke up to a crisp autumnal morning.  There was dew still on the ground and the hard wood floor possessed the coolness of the outside.  It felt like Fall, and that made me want to run. 

Long sleeve shirt weather!

So by 7:30 AM I was on the porch and was ready to run 3.1 miles.  The training program that I’m following calls for an easy 3 miles today and a 10 mile run tomorrow.  So I dug out my old ipod second generation and selected Fitz and the Tantrums to listen to while I ran. 

The hills are Alive

My course this morning is dubbed the Dolly Parton run or if you’re a Julie Andrews fan, the hills are alive run because the same bodacious street is run in both directions; like dolly  before surgery one hill is clearly steeper than the other. 

As I’m running, I wanted to push myself because for many of the training runs it calls for you to go at a slower easy pace somewhere between 11-12 minutes/mile, and I didn’t want to get used to running at that pace.  So my goal was to shoot for a 8-9 minute mile.

Without my ipod touch, I can’t keep track of my pace so I had to estimate, and while I’m running the second mile I found myself thinking about the second hill of Dolly’s run and nearly worrying about it.  I was tiring as I came up the hill and I considered taking a different route to shorten my run, but I didn’t dwell on it.  That would’ve been the Husky’s way, so I simply put it out of my head, kept my pace and finished the run in 28 minutes! 

My pace was just under 9 min/mile.  I came home, stretched and then did my P90 circuit.  Tomorrow is my penultimate day.  While I’m on my 10 mile run tomorrow, I’m going to be thinking about those people who’ve helped encourage me on this 90 day adventure, and I’m planning on writing about them on these next two days.

T-2 Days!!


2 thoughts on “Transforming: 87-88

    1. I’m glad you liked the hills comment! It came to me while I was running up them today. I’m looking at p90x next summer when I have the time to commit to it!

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