Transforming: Day 89

What's the next adventure?
This morning Beth and I went for a 10 mile run.  It was cool, correction, it was cold!  Broke out the tights and got ourselves ready to go.    I broke out the out ipod second generation for the trip and listenend to Florence + the machine during the run.  It gave me just the boost needed to keep up the 10 1/2 minute pace for the course of the run.  There were a couple of different times after mile 7 that I needed to remind myself that “I am strong, my breathing is good, my form is good, and I can do this.”  This became my mantra when I felt tired or found myself thinking about how much of the course was still left. 
Today is my penultimate day for my 90 day experience.  As I look back over the last 89 days, I am struck by how much running plays a part in what I do and the relationships that I have.  I never considered myself to be a runner, but I after my upcoming half marathon, I may have to alter that perception. 
Somebody asked me the other day if I would be done running after the half marathon.  My first reaction is, uh–no, but then I thought about it, what will I do when the half is over?  My friend Jay will probably tell me that he sees a marathon in my future!
What I realized is that there is no finish line with this experience.  Once you start being more active, you don’t want to stop.  Why would I want to be become that weak man-child again?  Why would I want to become sedentary and unmotivated again? 
So I’ll continue to set a new line and start a new experience.  Last evening I was checking out P90x.  I don’t think I can make the time committment to that, but I know that I could use it to continue my strength building and becoming leaner.
In 20 days, Gary runs his first 5K and the next day Beth and I run the half marathon. 
From there I’m wide open for the next adventure!

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