Meatless Monday: teriyaki tofu

So over Christmas break my daughter Hope suggested that in the new year we attempt to eat one meatless dinner a week. She thought a “meatless Monday” sounded like something we could do.

I don’t know if she yet realizes the full impact of her suggestion or if she thought that we would just be eating Morning Star burgers every Monday.

So over the weekend I had bought a block of extra firm tofu with the sole purpose of using it today–meatless Monday.

I like my tofu Extra Firm

I bought the extra firm tofu because I hadn’t decided if I was going to bake it, grill it or stir fry it. Regardless, I divided the block in half, wrapped each half in a paper towel and placed it on a plate. I stacked the plates so that one piece pressed the other and the. Placed a medium sauce pan in top. After 15 min I had to disassemble the plate-press and remove the sopping wet paper towels. Ah, there’s itching like tofu juice!
I set up the press again with two paper towels per plate and left it for an hour.

After the hour the tofu was flatter, firmer and not retaining as much water. Qualities everyone can appreciate in their….tofu.

Tonight’s recipe involved a bag of frozen vegetables containing carrots, snow peas, baby corn, onions and mushrooms. I did the vegetables in the wok with a bit of oil and once cooked I removed them from the wok. I then added a bit more oil. While the oil was heating up I splashed some soy sauce on the tofu to give it some flavor, sliced it into cubes and then threw it in the wok.

A few minutes later the tofu is browned, I added the vegetables back in and gave it all some teriyaki sauce.

The one thing about tofu that I was worried about with all my girls is the texture. Hope, who put us on this adventure, thought it had good flavor and the texture wasn’t an issue. Leah, our 7 y/o, wasn’t a fan. She ate the required number of bites, but I don’t see her requesting it. And my wife Beth ate it, not thrilled with the texture, but she never has been a fan of tofu.

Everyone ate and survived, but now I need to think of more things to cook for Mondays, so this is my call to arms to any and all who have good meatless meals.


Please let me know, we’ll try them and then write about them.


One thought on “Meatless Monday: teriyaki tofu

  1. Good luck with this. I feel guilt every year for not trying this.

    If you can find tempeh, it has a firmer and crunchier texture than tofu. (You might need to make a special trip to a health food store to obtain this.) But soy has endocrine/health problems, and a lot of people avoid it. for this reason.
    Rice and beans are good, and make a complete protein. There’s a plethora of beans to experiment with, and several types of rice, too. You might also experiment with pressure-cooking grains.

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