Revolution: Day 1


Another school year has ended and today is my first official day of summer vacation. With the beginning of vacation comes free time; I know that it is time for me to begin to work on myself yet again.

This summer I’m going to be doing a 90-day program created by Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels. My wife and I have watched Jillian physically and mentally beat up contestants on The Biggest Loser, and my wife has used many of her exercise DVDs successfully for quite a few years.

When I saw the infomercial for Jillian’s Body Revolution, I was sold because of the fact that each workout is 30 min. Time is an issue for all of us; I was considering doing P90x this year, but the fact that it requires a greater time committment held me back from buying it.

After completing Day 1, I felt very good.  It was good to know that I could complete each of the exercises with no problem.  I wasn’t tired by the end, but I felt positive and ready for the day.  It was interesting to see how Jillian shifts from one exercise to the next so very quickly–there is no down time–it is only 30 min!

My goals this summer are three fold:

1. become more physically fit
2. get under 200 lbs.
3. consistently practice the self defense moves and katas for my upcoming black belt test.

During this summer I also want to continue running and mentally preparing for running greater distances.

I appreciate any and all positive thoughts, comments and criticisms throughout this next adventure.


2 thoughts on “Revolution: Day 1

  1. Hey Tyler,
    It would be great to get together someday and go for a run, perhaps even do a race together. Hershey Half is October 21, the day after Homecoming and our 20th Reunion. How about that for a goal! I am already signed up along with four of my brothers. Are you interested?

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