Revolution: Day 3

“Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.”  ―    Karl Wallenda

Last night I watched Nick Walenda walk a tightrope across Niagra Falls. All the while he is crossing you can see that he is focused on his landing on the other side of the mist.

It would have been easy to draw a dotted line from his eyes to the raised platform where he was headed. His eyes were on the prize and you could clearly see what motivated him–his family!

All along the wet, misty walk Nik had his father’s voice in his ear encouraging him, checking in with him, and making suggestions when warrented. When Nick was talking to his dad, he was praising God for the ability to do such a thing. His thank yous and praise were like his mantra as he crossed.

As he passed through the mist and neared the Canadian side of the falls he was buoyed by the cheers of the crowd to the point that when he was within 15 feet he sprinted to the end of the line and was met by his family and their hugs, tears and congratulations.

In any interview both before and after the walk, I was astounded by the quiet confidence exuded by Nik. He had prepared for this. It was his dream and he knew why he was doing it!

Today, during the cardio workout, Jillian Michaels shouted through the tv screen, “Why are you doing this?” She screamed, “when you have a why, no amount of pain is going to stop you from achieving your goal!”

Without a Why, what’s the point? No why means there’s no reason to keep going or to even start for that matter.

I don’t know if I have a clear why. My why feels nebulous at the moment. I want to be healthier and stronger so that I can be around as long as possible with all my girls. But there’s also a selfish part to me that I’ve always wanted to break out of the fat mold that I was cast in.

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