Revolution: Day 5 (Why vs. How)

When you have a Why, then it doesn’t matter about the How.

Today was the fifth day of the workout and each day I feel stronger.  Each day Jillian shouts about how she’s going to beat my ass if I short change the workout.  As if she can see through the tv screen–

She continues on about how it is my workout and I need to make it what I want to.  Those words really hit home with me.  When I was doing p90 last year I could feel myself getting tired or deciding I would go easy for a section to have enough left at the end.  There was so much repetition in p90 that it was too easy for me to mentally tell myself that some areas I didn’t need to work as hard at as others.

I do this in running as well.  For a long run I tell myself to take it slow and easy so that I have fuel left in the tank by the end.  It’s as if I don’t want to push myself to hard to avoid the pain and discomfort.  Or is it something deeper?  Is it that I psych myself out before I even begin because as I mentioned before, I see the negative first.  And I tend to doubt myself before most races which effectively pours a great foundation for failure.

One of the beautiful things about this program is that the exercises are changed up every day.  Repeated exercises don’t start until day 4.  Combine that with the fact the circuits only last 30 min there’s very little chance to get bored or to have time for my regular mental gymnastics.

In 30 mim the How won’t matter as long as you have a Why.  I’m not sure if the Why is some extraneous reason or if its simply belief in yourself that it can be done.

I don’t want to simply believe that I can–I want to know that I can.  This is my Why–so it doesn’t matter How I get there as long as I do!

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