Revolution: Day 6 (Who’s Your Dungeon Master?)

Week one of the Revolution is complete!

For the past six days I have been going up to our third floor putting in the DVD and completing the workout without stopping.

On day one we worked triceps, back, abs and legs using free weights and high intensity cardio intervals.  On day two we worked biceps, chest, abs and legs using free weights, cables and high intensity cardio intervals.  On day three we do cardio.  Three circuits of intense cardio activities interspersed with a minute of “rest” that involves either jogging in place, kenpo punching from squat position or speed bag.  Day four repeats day one, day five repeats day 2 and day 6 repeats day 3.

When I said earlier that I completed each workout without stopping, it wasn’t made as a bragging point but rather an acknowlegement of all the hard work that I have done this past year.  My body was wiling and able, and on days 4 and 5 I reached for the 15 lb weights instead of the 8 lb weights.  Now I know some of you are wondering why I’d even start with 8’s.

In the role playing game of exercise in which I am the Dungeon Master of, I set up so many mental pitfalls and second guess myself.  Not really wanting it to be too hard, but not too easy either.   Now I know I’ve mixed two 80’s metaphors in the same sentence combining the game Pitfall and Dungeons and Dragons.  Both of which I was excellent at, which may explain the state that I am in today.

Yes, I had this book!

In D and D, that’s Dungeons and Dragons for the kids who were outside playing, you create a character for yourself and someone in the group develops an elaborate adventure for you to experience where you fight monsters, rescue damsels and find treasure.  All in all not a bad way to spend an afternoon into evening into next morning.  In our group, I was typically the Dungeon Master.  I hear the gasps of shock from those of you who don’t know that I’m a bit of a control freak.  Anyway, I would create these wonderful labyrinths for my friends to explore that were laden with all sorts of traps, dead ends, and inevitable danger.

This week I’ve been realizing that I treat exercise like game of D & D.  Except instead ot the workout being the adventure, I look at is as the danger and my mind creates.  Well, I’m going to attempt in the weeks to come to let Jillian be in charge of the adventure.  This week being complete I have some idea of what’s to come but who knows what weeks 3+ will bring.  Typically this will fill me with anxiety, but today I’m feeling ok with the unknown.

I guess the realization that I’m coming to is that I’ve been the DM (Dungeon Master) of my own life and have been dealing with being overweight for most of it.  Maybe it’s time I go on the adeventure and let someone else plan it.

Speaking of adventures, the girls and I will be in Hershey for the next few days.  Tomorrow is my day off from the workout, so I will not be posting.  And the plan is to begin week 2 on Thursday after we get home. 

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