Revolution: Day 9 (Ser Piggy vs. Sam the Slayer)

I am a child of summer and Winter is coming

I have been reading George R. R. Martin’s Songs of Ice and Fire books.  I am currently reading the book A Song of Swords.  In it there is a character named Samwell Tarly.  Sam is a fat young man who would rather read than do swordplay.  Yesterday, I was reading a chapter from Sam’s POV where he is trudging back from a battle through a deep snow.  During the walk he consistently thinks back to the fact that a fat man like him has no place in this battle and that maybe everyone whoever doubted him was correct.  At one point Sam simply lies down into the snow.  He closes his eyes and dreams about his recent failures and desperately tries to remember those who did love him, but he is awakened from his recriminations by his friend Grenn.  Grenn has to kick him awake and another friend actually has to carry him out of the snowy drifts in order for him to survive.

While reading Sam’s chapter, there was so much of his life that I identify with.  Overweight for his entire life.  His father never truly trusting him to take over so he favors his other brothers instead.  Sam is not atheletic, but uses his mind to solve problems.  This makes Sam stand out amongst the men at the wall and yet, in the midst of working at the Wall he finds friends.  Friends who see him for who he is and value him for it.

By the end of the chapter, Sam and Grenn are attacked by an undead Other.  Typically only fire can hurt these creatures, but Sam in a desperate attempt attacks using a knife ofdragonglass.  A material Sam found and had been researching prior to the attack.  The knife does its job and melts the undead monster.  After this incident Sam begins to be called Sam the Slayer, which is a far cry from Ser Piggy as he was called.

Sam is a child of summer.  He is soft and an admitted coward.  I feel very much the same way.  In the book, children of summer do not understand hardship because they’ve never really experienced it.  Life has always been pretty easy for me because I have avoided the things that are more challenging–until now!

Sam rose to the challenge and became the Slayer of his tangible fears; I hope to do the same!

The workout today was very good.  I pushed myself by attempting to do the more challenging moves and using the heavier weights throughout the exercise.  I need to get ready for winter.


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