Revolution: Day 11 (Posing Like a Warrior)

Get your Ohm on!

I realized this morning that I haven’t really talked about the workouts featured in the 90 day Body Revolution. The program features 15 DVDs. There are five DVDs for each of the three months (90 days) that you are working out. Within the months then there are two discs for the first two weeks of the month and two discs for the last two weeks of the month. The last disc is a cardio disc that you do every third day of the workout.

Within these first two weeks the workouts are focusing on strengthening small muscles, increasing balance and stabilizing muscles. It is high intensity training for 30 minutes. Each workout is broken into 4 circuits which are separated by one minute of cardio.

Today’s workout used free weights and worked on shoulders, triceps and back muscles. When not using the weights, I was working abs using bicycle crunches, strengthening my chest with pushups and increasing stamina by combining various forms of squats with weights and movement.

Today’s stabilizing muscle workout involved leg raises to the side and also to the front. She also had us do a few yoga poses. One of which was Warrior two.

Some of you may remember from my blog last summer that while doing P90, Tony Horton starts many of the workouts with yoga. And my initial experience with it was that “Irishmen do not do yoga.” Towards the end of that experience, however, I found myself more flexible and actually enjoying the experience.

This is why when Jillian tells me to, “Get my Ohm on” in the Warrior 2 pose I was more than happy to accomodate her. (of course, she did threaten to come through my tv and beat my ass! Can you feel the love?)

The warriors poses appeal to me as a man because who doesn’t want to be a fierce warrior like the Spartans? When I did some research on Warrior poses I was intrigued.

The warrior poses, or Virabhadrasana, are not about celebrating violence against others but rather fighting against one’s own ego and ignorance. Wow! Now this is interesting because anyone who knows me knows the ego that I carry around and project at work and in groups. But any of you who have read either these last few days or last years blog understand that my ego is more of a well practiced self defense move that has enabled me to survive growing up as a husky individual.

So if there’s no fighting, why is it called the warrior pose you ask? (as I did). The warrior pose celebrates the spiritual warrior who does battle with a universal enemy–self ignorance, which is the ultimate source of all surffering. Truer words could not have been spoken. Think about the damage we do to ourselves and to others in our lives simply because we refuse to acknowledge our own limitations.

So in the future, each time I sink into my warrior pose either during a workout or after a run, I’m going to seek to center myself into the ideal–the spiritual warrior and do battle with my own ignorance.

This is Sparta!

That’s the amazing thing about this workout experience and last summer’s as well. As I exercise and become more fit the outer shell that I had created for myself melts away and I am forced to deal with things. Both last summer and already during this experince I find myself getting watery eyes while writing. I had no idea how cathartic the writing of these experiences would be and I thank everyone who reads and supports me on these journeys.


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