Revolution: Day 12 (Use Your Words)

Reality is something that we constantly recreate through our beliefs and behaviors.

I have reached the penultimate day of week 2. Today’s exercises focused on biceps, glutes, abs and back. During the workout Jillian is shouting about the importance of form when using weights because she really wants to work muscles that were not worked yesterday. It’s great because you can still go strong and not have to fight/overcome the tiredness in muscle groups that were just used the day prior. Jillian makes a point of this to serve as motivation because we won’t have to work these muscle groups again for two days, which provides them with adequate rest.

During today’s workout Jillian’s mantra during circuit one was for me to “use my words” when working out. She was encouraging me to think how easy the exercises were, that this was not difficult, that I was having fun!

It reminded me of a book that I had read not that long ago. In “The NonRunner’s Marathon Trainer,” authors David Whitsett, Forrest Dolgener and Tanjala Kole write about the preparation needed for participating in a marathon.The book is an excellent training ground for anyone who is interested in conquering the 26.2 demon. The thing that I was drawn to was how a person has the ability to create a positive experience for themselves while running/exercising.

One of the chapters describes how a person recognizes a nagging pain while running or develops a cramp during the run. The authors encourage the runner to acknowledge the pain and then ask it to come along for the rest of the run. It sounds a bit hokey, but through acknowledging and recognizing the pain, your mind, intelligently, deals with the situation and you do not over-react to it.

Anyone who has run a distance knows that it’s a total head game. And for some of us it doesn’t take much for a twinge, ache or cramp to change our focus and, in essence, prevent us from accomplishing the task at hand.

The power of positive thinking is something that we’ve all been told, but I have actaully reaped its benefits. Since running a half marathon last year, I have had a nagging knee injury that sometimes likes to remind me about itself at the beginning of a run and typically about halfway in. I have actually acknowledged the pain, thanked it for joining me on the run and then I didn’t need to think of it again.

While working out I will talk to myself about being able to complete portions of the workout–reminding myself that its only 30 min. and that my muscles can relax the next day.

What I need to remember is that negative thoughts have gotten into this situation; it’s time to shed alittle light on the situation.

To end on a positive.  I weighed myself this morning and was down 4 lbs!  I’m 1/5 of the way to my goal; that was with our mini vacation to Hershey in the midst of the first two weeks!


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