Revolution: Week 5

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, because I was starting to feel like I was getting repetitive in my experience. And truth be told, I was having similar feelings to last year when I was doing P90 with the exception that working out was easier. Not that the workouts are easy, but the idea of getting up each morning to workout is much easier than it used to be.

Part of that ease is due to the fact that I am stronger from last year’s experience but also because the program that Jillian Michaels has put together for the Total Body Revolution is consistently changing and challenging. Every two weeks the exercies change or become more complicated. These “super-sets” are tough but manageable; even though there are times that I step into it wondering what’s going to happen next–I’m not afraid that it can’t be done. In some perverse way, I look forward to it.

As I look over the past 5 weeks, I’ve had to altered my goals that I listed at the beginning of the experience.

I’ve had to put my running on hold due to a nagging injury that I’ve been dealing with since running the half marathon last year in the fall. My “runner’s knee” always acts up both during and after a run, so I’ve decided to take a month off to let it heal. To help the healing along, I’m also wearing a Tommie Copper sleeve for most of the day to provide both compression and support for my knee. It has been a good investment and I’ve noticed my knee feeling better and not hurting during any of the workouts. I still get the “snap, crackle and pop” coming downstairs every morning and and it sounds like bubble wrap sometimes when I’m doing squats, but there’s no pain.

In terms of weight loss, I’m down 11 pounds in five weeks. I’m averaging about 2 lbs a week and feeling good. I’m realizing that food is very important to me–dare I say, I may be addicted to it. (especially ice cream). So my challenge now, is not the workouts but the dieting that has to come along with it. To that end, I’m using an app could dailyburn tracker that allows me to record what I’ve eaten as well as the workouts that I’ve done. It has helped in keeping me honest about what I’m eating and also flexible enough that I don’t feel like I’m starving.

On the karate front, nothing has changed. There’s still been no communication about the alleged changes that are supposed to be occuring for our black belt test in the fall. I’m assuming that some kind of formal notiifcation will come out and it’ll be timely enough that we will be able to accomplish what is set before us.

Regardless of the alternations that I’ve had to make to the journey thus far, the fact is I’m still doing something that is making me healthier and stronger.


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