Hail to the Resolute!

‘Twas a night in early January and all through the gym….

As I drove into the gym parking lot tonight I was immediately struck by the number of cars that met me.  I thought to myself, “Is it pizza night?” as many who attend Planet Fitness know they typically offer free pizza either the first Wednesday or Monday in a month.  I quickly replaced that idea, after realizing that today was Tuesday, that it was January and everyone who has made a resolution would be in the gym tonight.

I found a spot (miraculously) and went inside.  First I was met with a wave of heat and a din of noise as clearly my gym had been invaded with a host of newcomers. Every treadmill had someone on it.  Every elliptical and every bike had people pedaling away on them. I headed over to my first station–occupied, moved to option B–occupied, option C–occupied, when I arrived at option D someone had just finished up so I was able to begin my workout.

I got my weights and began to do my step ups.  My tunes are kicking in and I was stepping high and lifting the knee on the way up.  During the first set of steps I was channeling a slight annoyance at the inconvenience of having to adjust my regular routine.  But after one set in, I set my weights down, wiped my brow and began to smile.  I was smiling because realized that the indignation I was feeling must’ve been felt by someone else 3 years ago as I walked into the gym powered by my 2014 resolutions.

Between 2010 and 2013 I had lost 40 pounds gradually by becoming more active via running and doing karate.  Both activities I did a few nights out of the week, but neither did I take all that seriously.  At the end of 2013, all that had changed.  I had decided that I wanted to see what this body of mine could actually do.

So 3 years ago this week, I entered the gym timid and shy–unsure of myself.  Looking around at the multitude of sweaty others who were in the same boat.  We were all at the starting line–

2015-09-07 10.31.50

Starting lines mean a lot to me.  I get excited when I’m near one at the anticipation of the race to come.  They get my heart pumping because they represent the chance to begin again, the chance to challenge myself, the opportunity to remind myself that approaching the starting line is a choice.  A choice to move forward–A choice a made 3 years ago that I would not change for the entire world; I hope that all of those Resolvers tonight in the gym continue to move forward–It’s worth it!


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